Court Maintenance

Maintenance is very important for both indoor and outdoor tennis courts, as well as MUGAs and other sports areas, in order to avoid major problems and maintain ideal playing conditions. From traditional hard courts to the latest artificial grass carpet courts, we know the particulars of all court surfaces and that’s why we’re well placed to maintain them to the highest of standards.

Porous Macadam Court Cleaning

For porous macadam surfaces the court should be treated for moss and algae using special products that will not attack the bitumen binder. This maintenance should be done on an annual basis and followed up by pressure washing using professional equipment for the best results.

Repainting & Linemarking

After about 5 years depending on use - Macadam Courts will require repainting and line marking, a service that we are only too pleased to carry out. Once you reach the 10 year mark, your courts will be ready to be resurfaced.

Artificial Grass & Clay Surfaces

For artificial grass and clay surfaces, regular brushing and topping up of the silica infill will ensure that the wear is kept to a minimum. Power grooming and contra-brushing are essential to ensure that the surface lives up to its expectations.

Your courts should be kept free from leaves and general detritus through regular brushing and good general house keeping. In conjunction with our tennis court cleaning, this will ensure optimum performance from your courts.

Court Rejuvenation

As the surface becomes older it may lose its porosity due to contamination of the surface, this requires a more sophisticated form of maintenance in the form of 'rejuvenation' where the top 6mm of contaminated material is extracted using special patented equipment.

Thereafter, fresh silica infill replaces the contaminated material and is brushed in thoroughly using sand spreaders to ensure that the correct levels are achieved giving the surface a new lease of life before resurfacing takes place.

Rejuvenation for Sand-Filled Synthetic Grass

Court rejuvenation is a patented process which can often double the playing life of sand-filled synthetic grass sports surfaces for less than a quarter of the cost of installing a new carpet surface.

Court Rejuvenation Benefits

  • Porosity and drainage returns
  • Playing performance increases
  • Players' comfort and safety increases
  • Restored appearance of the surface

Rejuvenation achieves this, in essence, by removing the whole contaminated top layer of sand, using a process that does not damage the carpet pile.

The Revive Process

All sand or most recently sand/rubber filled synthetic carpets, will utilise silica filtration sand. However, with usage and rainfall, compaction will start to occur over periods of time. Our Revive process has been specifically designed to deep clean sand/sand rubber artificial grass surfaces.

The Revive process utilises a range of brush/tines, dependent on site specific conditions, coupled with turbine technology and vibrating sieves.

The desired brushes/tines are lowered to an optimum depth enabling the top contaminants on and within the carpet to transfer to the shaking sieve. Anything larger than the holes within the sieve is retained, allowing the clean sand to pass back through into the carpet and be re-dressed by a rear mounted attachment. Finer particulate (dust) is drawn, via an integrally mounted turbine, through a filter (wet or dry) and held within the collection box for disposal by the REPLAY operative.

On completion, the surface is cleaner and the pile more vibrant; adding longevity, aesthetic and play value to the overall pitch.

Charles Lawrence Tennis Courts would be only too pleased to visit your installation to advise on court care and quote for any maintenance that you require. Simply arrange for a site visit / quotation by contacting us - 0800 294 8066.

Cost Effective

As well as costing far less than the alternative of renewing the carpet, tennis court cleaning, maintenance or rejuvenation takes from a few short hours to a couple days at most depending on the service you opt for. In short, you shan't have to suffer great losses of playing time and revenue whilst your courts are being renewed.

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Court Maintenance

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