Floodlighting is essential to maximise the availability of a court for play, especially during the winter months when daylight is often reduced to a few hours a day. On a commercial basis, floodlighting will increase the revenue potential of a court or multi-use facility, and for private clients it gives a greater degree of flexibility for use all year round.

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Court Floodlights

In many cases, tennis courts and other sports pitches are most heavily used in the evening – particularly during the week when players are trying to squeeze in a quick match after work, or if they simply prefer to play in the evenings when it’s cooler.

As such, we can provide floodlighting systems that are custom designed to meet the governing regulations of your sport, using the latest technology to ensure it satisfies both your financial budget and performance requirements.

For more information relating to having floodlighting installed in an existing sports area, or to include floodlighting in a renovation of a sports area, get in touch with us. Our design teams will consult with you to produce detailed plans that will satisfy your exact specifications, as well as Isolux Maps to show illumination levels to the court and surrounding area.

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Court & Surface Floodlighting

We are specialists in the installation of sports surface floodlights, including MUGA floodlights – get in touch with us today!