MUGA's -
Multi-use Game Areas

Multi-use game areas – also known as MUGAs – are a great way of maximising all the potential space you have as they allow the same court to be used for a number of different games and activities.

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We can provide top quality MUGAs for a range of sports, such as:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Netball

That’s because our skilled line markers can weave together all of the necessary markings for each sport to ensure maximum usage for the games area. This means that a range of different teams can share the space and that these areas are ideal for a wide range of purposes and locations, including schools, parks and leisure centres.

Sports Surfaces

We have carried out numerous projects for local authorities, schools and parish councils, all varying in size and specification. Thanks to this vast experience in the design and construction of multi-use games areas, we can also provide a flexible service in relation to installing surround fencing, floodlighting and surfacing.

So whatever your budget or design requirements, we can provide the solution.

We have the ability to undertake, supervise and complete projects ranging from £20,000 - £200,000.

Multi Use Game Areas Multi Use Game Areas Multi Use Game Areas Multi Use Game Areas Multi Use Game Areas

Multi Use Game Areas

We are specialists in the construction and maintenance of multi use game areas (MUGAs) suitable for netball, basketball, football – get in touch with us today!

Multi Use Game Areas