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Back to School means Back to Netball: Why Netball is a Great Sport for Schools

Posted on: September 6th, 2016

The summer has drawn to a close and the new school year has finally begun, putting an end to the long holidays children nationwide have been enjoying over the past couple of months.

While that means the return of the school run, and the hassle of making sure your kids are up and ready to go every morning, it also means the return of weekly PE lessons and school sports. Kids can get so much out of sport, and this month we’re taking a look at netball in particular, and why school netball sessions can provide great benefits to schoolchildren all over.

Why netball?

For years netball has flown under the radar when it comes to mainstream popularity throughout the country, but netball certainly has a history when it comes to schools – becoming a staple activity along with tennis and football. With the long awaited formation of the netball Quad Series this year, and the continued impressive success of Britain’s netball team, now is the perfect time to dive headfirst into the sport to reap all the benefits it has to offer.

Physical health

As with any school sport, the main goal is to give children regular physical exercise, and netball offers similar benefits to other team sports like football and basketball. Players have to sprint, weave and swiftly change direction on the court, so a netball game is a fantastic cardiovascular workout – a great base to improve overall fitness levels. The pressure placed on different parts of the body by quick twists and sharp, jolting movements strengthens flexibility, as well as burning an impressive amount of calories.

Movement is also restricted, by position and by possession, so reaction times are tested and hand-eye coordination and depth perception are improved by the game’s heavy focus on fast, accurate passing. All this combines to make a sport which is enjoyable, challenging and comprehensively healthy.

Social benefits

Like many team sports, netball is fantastic for building personal character and teaching fundamental lessons on teamwork. Each player has a specific role to play on court, so there is more of a focus on learning how to properly work together so the team can operate as effectively as possible.

Netball also offers great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. Sport has always been an effective bonding exercise and this is especially important in a school environment, as it encourages children to mix with new people that they might otherwise not in the classroom or on the playground.

Verbal communication is key in any netball game, so being a part of a netball team means developing useful verbal skills, and the rules of the game themselves give players an opportunity to learn how to react under pressure. Players must pass or shoot the ball within three seconds of gaining possession, and only designated shooters are allowed to score goals. This is a unique aspect of netball and one that teaches both responsibility and helps kids learn how to react to situations under pressure – both from constant time constraints and opposing players.

Mental health

Now, more so than ever, we are becoming aware of the importance of maintaining and improving the mental health of children, and much of this can be focused on in school. Sport offers a great opportunity to help kids who are at risk from suffering from depression, anxiety or stress. The fast paced, active nature of netball creates an effective outlet for children, offering them a chance to focus their minds on a something which requires constant close attention. Physical exercise produces endorphins, which naturally helps elevate mood, and the teamwork involved in netball allows children to develop strong links with other people – improving important mental aspects like self-confidence and self-esteem. Playing netball regularly can prove to be a strong foundation to help establish a healthy mind, which can lead to immense benefits in school, at home and in future work.

Prepare your netball court

Having a high quality, well maintained netball court is important for any school looking to encourage children to become involved with netball as the term starts anew. Whether you need a brand new netball court constructed to expert standards, or you need an experienced team to repair, renovate and provide general maintenance to your existing netball court, Charles Lawrence provides a comprehensive service to ensure your netball court is ready to go for the new school year.


We have over 30 years of experience here at Charles Lawrence, always working to the highest standards when it comes to all aspects of netball court maintenance and construction. We provide free site quotations and work with you to fulfill your every requirement, so your netball court can thrive for years to come. For more information, get in touch with us today; our friendly team are more than happy to help.


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