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Types of Turf Courts & Pitches Explained

Posted on: January 30th, 2013

Artificial grass surfaces are some of the most common court and pitch types chosen by leisure centres, clubs and schools, thanks in large part to their multi-sport purposes. They offer a huge number of benefits in comparison to natural grass, including reduced maintenance costs and all-weather capabilities. Artificial grass means no more canceled matches due to frozen pitches or costly refurbishments!

So, the question that remains is: which type of artificial turf is best for your purposes? Each has different characteristics and suitability depending on which sports you play and how the pitch is used. Simply have a look through our simple guide below to find out…

Sand Filled Artificial Grass

If you have a limited area that must be suitable for a variety of sports and games, then sand-filled artificial grass is the ideal solution.  It makes the perfect alternative to natural turf pitches, especially in the winter months when they become difficult to maintain.

These surfaces are great for a variety of games, including tennis, hockey and football, making them ideal for schools that don’t specialise in any particular sport. Because of this, sand filled turf is not usually installed in facilities that require high-performance pitches, as it will not withstand the use.

Sand Dressed Artificial Grass

Sand dressed artificial grass looks greener because it is much denser, and uses less sand to support the pile of the carpet and create stability. Again it can be used for many sports, but generally, it is better for lower impact games such as tennis and even curriculum level football, but definitely not recommended for more demanding sports such as rugby.

Water-Based Artificial Grass

Water-based artificial grass have no sand infill and instead must be regularly watered before each game and sometimes at half time to maintain the optimum playing conditions. The water provides low slide resistance and reduces the risk of abrasions caused by coarse sand, providing an absorbent surface that protects the players. The flexibility of the grass blades ensures consistent ball roll and bounce and, because of this, they are commonly installed for professional hockey pitches as they allow the players to get their hockey stick beneath the ball.

3G Artificial Grass

3G or ‘Third Generation’ artificial grass surfaces utilise longer fibres with a combination of rubber and sand infill to offer heightened performance. As a result they are safe and suitable for a variety of sports that you would normally play on natural grass surfaces, such as football, with the additional benefit of being able to play on them during cold or wet weather. 3G surfaces can also be combined with a shock absorbent pad to make it ideal for higher impact and more demanding sports such as rugby.

Charles Lawrence Sports Surfaces

Here at Charles Lawrence we are hugely experienced in providing MUGAs or artifical sports surfaces that suit your purpose, performance levels and, of course, the types of sports and games you will be using them for. So whether you are looking for a specialist hockey pitch or you need a school sports field suitable for all manner of curriculum level sports, we can assist.

Simply contact us today to discuss your sporting requirements and we will design a MUGA to suit!



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