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Why a MUGA is the Perfect Sporting Solution for Schools

Why a MUGA is the Perfect Sporting Solution for Schools

There has been a boom in sporting interests among the British public since the 2012 London Olympic Games, and none have been more enthusiastic than the students of secondary schools, colleges and universities. After all, it is the young athletes of today who have the best chance of standing atop an olympic podium in the years to come. With such high hopes and so many sports to cater for, it can be a challenge for school governors to meet demand – or so it may seem. In reality it has never been easier to fill a curriculum with so many sporting activities. And how has this been managed? One of the key ingredients to modern sports facilities is the construction of Multi-Use Games Areas, or MUGAs for short.

What is a MUGA?

Essentially, a MUGA is a synthetic pitch or court, marked out for more than one sport. Typical combinations include:
  • Five a side football
  • Five a side hockey
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Netball
And larger MUGA pitches can accommodate:
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Multiple tennis courts
  • Multiple Basketball courts
MUGAs can also be enclosed with sports fencing to keep equipment in the area, facilitate smooth gameplay and protect spectators. Other options include recessed goals at either end of the pitch and permanent basketball hoops that are durable and require no setup by staff. Floodlighting is yet another option for night time game play and winter training.

Advantages of MUGAs

With MUGAs, each gaming area is marked with its own bright colour. White, yellow, red and blue are typical colours that stand out from each other and make it clear to players which lines they must play within. Combinations of court and pitch sports are popular, and recessed goals and basketball hoops are affordable and effective pieces of permanent equipment. If you have sports fencing surrounding the MUGA, the options expand even further. MUGAs with sports fencing can accommodate gaming boards for alternative sports, such as street snooker and single-player tennis. Scoreboards are also a popular option, so that students can keep track of their own games. Low maintenance and all weather usage are other MUGA highlights. Use of durable materials for all aspects of the build means that all playing surfaces, whether macadam or synthetic turf, do not need more than basic upkeep to remain in perfect condition.

Different kinds of MUGA

MUGAs can be made of artificial turf, macadam or polymeric rubber. Artificial turf pitches come in many specifications to meet the guidelines of various official sporting bodies. But all are layered with natural and synthetic materials to create a base layer that mimics natural grass. A top layer of plastic-rubber based turf is then laid over the entire pitch and this stays green and free of mud no matter what the season. Durable line markings are then painted over the synthetic turf in multiple pitch configurations. Macadam, or ‘tarmacadam’, is a contemporary form of tarmac that is low maintenance and porous to allow water to drain from the surface. It is popular for court sports like tennis and netball because anti-slip coatings can be applied, and it is available in many bright colours. Polymeric rubber is great for basketball, netball and tennis because it has superior ball rebound characteristics. It is also a softer, skid-resistant surface coating that can incorporate a shock-absorbing layer beneath to counteract muscle and tendon injury. Tarmac and polymeric surfaces come with thermoplastic line markings that last for many years before requiring repainting.

Young athletes benefit from MUGAs

MUGAs have become popular in schools, colleges and universities, simply because they are a great investment and offer so much sporting potential. If you want your institution to be an indispensable local commodity, as well as an ultra-modern educational environment, a MUGA shows that fun and physical education is top of your agenda. With every penny pinched and every option considered, the final product of your investment should be as versatile as possible. That is where the MUGA comes in. With the wealth of options on offer, there has never been a better time to encourage healthy competition, honour the London Games motto and ‘Inspire a Generation’.   Charles Lawrence have been installing the highest quality Multi-Use Games Areas throughout the UK for over 40 years. We are proud to have led the way to increased participation, and have built courts and pitches for young people and adults to enjoy a multitude of sports, whatever the weather and whatever the season. We have supplied and installed sports surfaces for all kinds of clients, from small recreational grounds to the big national sports clubs. Do no hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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